Peeping Toms Webcam Covers

Peeping Toms EyeSpy Webcam Covers

Did you know your computer's webcam can be hacked and used to spy on you?

It's also possible that your camera's powered-on indicator light can be hacked to not glow, making it nearly impossible to know you're being watched.

To protect yourself you could put a sock or Post-it™ over your webcam, or you could have more fun and use Peeping Toms webcam covers.

Create a Powerful Resumé Website Built on Squarespace

Create a Powerful Resumé Website Built on Squarespace

Five tips to help you create an effective resumé website using Squarespace to help increase your chances of getting your next job.

Maybe you are unhappy at your current job, or you recently graduated and are looking for your first full-time job. Creating an effective website to promote you as a professional will always be the smart move when looking for a new job.

All employers want to know about your career background and professional development. Creating a profile on LinkedIn is great for connecting and networking with colleagues, co-workers and clients; but you are limited to a profile that looks and feels like everyone else’s?

Having your own website will allow you the opportunity to establish your own personal brand. You can organize your information to showcase yourself as you want to be presented. If a recruiting company is helping you find a job, too many times I’ve seen recruiters rewrite someone’s resumé to fit the recruitment company’s resumé template. Unfortunately, recruiters are not writers and may try to make you sound like someone you are not. Don’t let this happen.

Here are five tips to help you build an effective resumé website using Squarespace to help increase your chances of getting your next job.

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3 Easy Steps to Quickly Upload Images to Your Squarespace Website Using Skitch

I’m always looking for ways to speed up my workflow when building new, and maintaining existing, Squarespace websites. Adding images to a Squarespace site in a quick manner can help facilitate rapid testing of different ideas.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a trick using a free app called Skitch that can help get images into Squarespace quickly.

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Write More Effectively in Squarespace Using Markdown

Write More Effectively in Squarespace Using Markdown

If you are building a website with Squarespace, or any other website builder, you are going to need to add compelling text to your site. There’s no way around it. Adding text is crucial to the success of your site. Particularly if you are trying to bring visitors to your site from search engines.

Adding text to your Squarespace site can be done using one of the several Content Blocks, including the Markdown Block. Why would you want to use Markdown? Let’s briefly look at what Markdown is and then why you will want to use it.

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Five Ways to Test How Your Squarespace Site Looks on Mobile Devices

Before the first iPhone was held by hands outside of Apple's Cupertino headquarters in 2007, testing how your website would look for your visitors meant you needed to only check the site in a handful of web browsers. If you count both Mac and Windows versions of Safari, Firefox, and Opera, as well as Internet Explorer on Windows, that would be a total of seven different browsers on the two mainstream operating systems.

Fast-forward to today, and you can mark off the Windows flavor of Safari and add Google's Chrome for both Mac and Windows for a minimum of eight modern browsers.

However, testing doesn't stop there anymore as we now have a plethora of smartphones you will want to test on your site. Do you have a tablet? Test on that too. Oh, wait! Your buddy has the latest fill-in-the-blank device with a larger screen. You should probably ask to test on that device just to be sure everything looks as intended.

Before you know it, you feel like you could spend all of your time testing your site because each device you check seems to show you something slightly different. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in today - a multi-device, varying screen sizes world.

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